Terms & conditions

The O2 advantage plan covers any dental service, procedure or services that are not already discounted. This plan does not cover any products. This membership plan is not dental insurance and is not meant to be a replacement to dental insurance. The membership plan is a discount plan exclusively for the patients of O2 Dental Group or any affiliated practice.

Auto Renew:

The membership plan will auto renew on a monthly basis with the payment automatically deducted at the same time every month. Annual plans will automatically renew at the same time once a year using the same payment method which was used to sign up for the plan.

Non-payment/ Inactivity:

If payment is unable to be collected, your membership plan immediately becomes inactive and you are not eligible for any additional discounts under the plan.

Cancellation/ Refunds:

The membership plan can be cancelled at any time following the 6 months minimal membership commitment. To cancel your membership plan after the commitment period, contact us by phone, email or through our website. If the 6 month commitment has not been filled, you may be
required to re-pay any discounts that were applied under the membership plan.

Exclusions, Pre-Existing Conditions, Waiting Periods:

There are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, no waiting periods and no annual maximums under this membership plan. Your benefits can be used immediately upon the payment of your enrollment fee and yoru first monthly payment.

Other programs/ Insurance:

This plan will not interfere with Medicare or any other government sponsored health program.
Patients that have Medicaid for dental are not eligible to sign up for the membership plan. This plan may not be used in addition with any other discount plans, dental insurance plans or government programs.

Claims/ EOBs:

There are no claims forms to complete and no claims will be submitted on your behalf. The discounts will automatically be calculated and applied at the time of service. No explanation of benefits (EOBs) will be sent to you or to your dental office. To keep track of your coverage or to keep track of your discount, directly contact the dental office where you received services.

Age limits:

There are no maximum age limits to enroll in the membership plan. Minimum age limit is 3 years old to have a membership plan.

Refund policy:

Enrollment fees are nonrefundable. Monthly membership plan fees are
nonrefundable. Annual payments are refundable only if no discounts have been applied under the plan. Annual membership plans that have been used can be refunded only at 50% of the initial fee. If 6 months have passed since the enrollment date, the fee on the annual plan becomes nonrefundable.

No Limitations:

There are no limits on family members under the plan. Members on the family plan do not have to be related or have any family connection.
There are no limits to the amount of employees that are added under the business plans. There are no annual limits under the plan, no limits to the amount of dollars you can save under the plan. There are no limits to how many visits you can have each month or each year.

Periodontal treatment:

Periodontal treatment outside of a routine cleaning (D1110) is not considered a routine treatment and will not be discounted at 100%. Periodontal treatments are considered routine procedures and will be discounted by 25%.

No Guarantee of fees:

The membership fees can change at any time with or without notice to the members. We will make every effort to “grandfather” you into the fee which you initially paid to sign up. However, we have to constantly evaluate our fees to determine the best price point to continuously service our patients.

Payments with Care Credit:

Patients paying with Care Credit will limited to only a 15% discount on services due to Care Credit fees.


There is a minimum 6 month commitment period for each plan once you have used your benefits.