Watermelon can be good for your dental health!

First off, Watermelon is rich in fibre, which acts as a sort ofnatural toothbrush and can give your teeth a good scrubbingwhile you chew. This helps prevent the buildup of dentalplaques and lowers the risk of tooth decay while also cleaningaway food debris and other particlesLooking for a fun way to enjoy watermelon? Try this […]

Dental Implants: Too Good To Be True?

Dental implants from O2 Dental Group can be used to replace one or severalteeth, or even anchor a set of dentures. They look and function likenatural teeth. Does that sound too good to be true?You’ve probably heard some dental implant hype.● Bite and chew like normal!● Implant-supported dentures don’t slip around!● Dental implants are superior […]

5 Fun Ways to Teach Children About Oral Hygiene

Children tend to regard hygiene practices in general as chores, but parents know theseimportant habits are essential to maintaining health and forming lifelong habits. Fortunately,it’s possible to approach hygiene in a way that actually generates excitement among littleones. Get the whole family involved in oral hygiene with the following tips.How to Make Dental Care Fun […]

3 Reasons to Schedule a Dental Cleaning Before School Starts

Why You Should Schedule a Teeth CleaningBefore the School Year Begins Prompt Detection of IssuesWith long summer days, many children spend time playing, forgetting to brush and floss as muchas they should. Less oral care can lead to tartar buildup and even decay. Scheduling a dentalcleaning before school starts will allow your child’s dentist to […]