3 Reasons to Schedule a Dental Cleaning Before School Starts

Why You Should Schedule a Teeth Cleaning
Before the School Year Begins

  1. Prompt Detection of Issues
    With long summer days, many children spend time playing, forgetting to brush and floss as much
    as they should. Less oral care can lead to tartar buildup and even decay. Scheduling a dental
    cleaning before school starts will allow your child’s dentist to look for potential problems before
    they decline further. As a result, your child will start off the school year with a healthy smile and
  2. Busy School Schedules
    Whether it’s studying or extracurricular activities, the new school year always means a busier
    schedule. Visiting the dentist during the summer will ensure that your child doesn’t need to miss a
    day of school, allowing them to focus on their academics and making friends.
  3. Preventative Care
    To keep your child’s smile healthy, learn more about preventative care. While having their teeth
    cleaned, ask about fluoride and sealant treatments if they haven’t had these completed before.
    Fluoride keeps your child’s teeth strong and helps combat decay, while sealants, which are thin
    layers of a plastic-like material, prevent bacteria from settling in on molars and other teeth
    If you want to schedule a dental cleaning before the school year begins, contact us by visiting us
    online or calling today!