5 Fun Ways to Teach Children About Oral Hygiene

Children tend to regard hygiene practices in general as chores, but parents know these
important habits are essential to maintaining health and forming lifelong habits. Fortunately,
it’s possible to approach hygiene in a way that actually generates excitement among little
ones. Get the whole family involved in oral hygiene with the following tips.
How to Make Dental Care Fun for Kids

  1. Brush & Floss as a Family
    Young children look up to their parents and emulate many of their behaviors. Brushing and
    flossing as a family can therefore set a positive example. They’ll look forward to these special
    moments of togetherness while you’ll receive the opportunity to guide them in the proper
  2. Let Them Pick Their Supplies
    One of the simplest ways to get your kid excited about dental wellness is to let them pick out
    their own toiletries. There are many children’s toothbrushes and brands of toothpaste
    available with popular action heroes and familiar characters, so bring your child to the oral
    hygiene aisle during your next shopping trip.
  3. Use a Timer
    When you brush as a family, use a timer to encourage thorough brushing. Not only will this
    teach your little one the importance of brushing for a full two minutes, but it can also be used
    as a fun challenge. You might even take turns picking two-minute songs to brush to.
  4. Set Up a Rewards System
    A rewards system is a great way to instill new, positive behavior in children. Brushing and
    flossing are no exception. Set up a chart and use stickers to track progress. Offer a reward,
    such as an outing to their favorite park or an extra 20 minutes of TV on a weekend night, upon
    completion of each week or month.
  5. Have Dental Storytime
    There are dozens of children’s books available that are fun and engaging while instilling
    lessons about oral hygiene. Beloved children’s authors like Mercer Mayer, Dr. Seuss, and Stan
    and Jan Berenstain all have stories about dental health. Find them at your local library—or
    make up your own tales of the Tooth Fairy battling decay monsters.